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What's Included in a Technicord Package
Resistance Cords:
Technicords are built with Industrial Strength Elastic Cord which is engineered to our exact specifications providing optimum resistance and stretch properties. All attachments are of the highest quality ensuring strength and durability. The multiple resistance cord assembly is designed to allow users of any age, height and weight to conduct each movement with the correct resistance. Resistance is adjusted by either adding or removing cords. Each Package comes with 6 cords (3 loops of 2 cords each). Younger and lighter athletes may only need to use 2 - 4 cords; while heavier or very strong athletes may use 6 or more cords. As your technique and strength improve you will need to adjust the resistance. Additional resistance cords are available separately.

Padded Hip Belt:
Each Package comes with one or two Padded Hip Belts depending on the option chosen. Single belt packages can be used while attached to a solid object. Two belt packages allow athletes to use their Technicords either attached to a solid object or them in tandem with a partner. The belts are designed to fit all sizes of athletes comfortably.

Attachment Strap
The attachment strap secures your Technicords to any solid object. Secure the strap to posts, fences, railings, door knobs (loop one end around the door knob and close the door leaving the other end outside the door), or secure a 2 x 4 board to a wall and screw in a hook.