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Specificity in Training

Specificity in Training

Training a particular muscle to be more powerful won't necessarily make that muscle more powerful in competition, unless the precise movement patterns used in training very closely simulate those used in competition.

If you want to improve your performance, you have to be more specific in your training. Your best performance will be achieved when key components of your training closely mimic what you actually do when you compete. The more specific your training, the greater impact your training will have on your performance in competition.

Basically, squatting makes you a better squatter. Doing sit-ups strengthens your abs and may turn some heads at the beach. Doing leg extensions strengthens your quads when you are in a seated position. But none of these will make you skate faster.

Technicords are designed specifically to help you practice precise movements in a slow, dynamic way, allowing you to perfect those movements over time. Using Technicords also helps you closely mimic overall body posture and muscle mechanics used during competition, improving your overall power, strength, and speed.