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How Technicords Work

How Technicords Work

Technicords are designed to develop your power, strength, and technical skill, whether you speed skate, do inline, or play hockey. The regular use of Technicords allows you to execute both slow and dynamic movement as part of your conditioning program. The result is improved straight-away strides, better corners, and explosive starts.

Slower movements allow you to make both major and minor technical corrections by developing proper use of muscle fiber, and developing muscle memory. Dynamic movements allow you to develop the specific strength needed for maximum power on or off the ice.

Using Technicords on a regular basis helps you learn correct body angles, proper rhythm and timing, and better sequence of movement. Technicords also help improve weight transfer and forward momentum, increasing your overall speed and performance.

Technicords are the most specific, technical training tool on the market to help you develop strength, power, and explosiveness when you skate, giving you the edge you need over the competition