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An Athlete’s view on TechniCords versus NZ Turn Cables

An Athlete’s view on TechniCords versus NZ Turn Cables

Looking at NZ Turn Cables andTechniCords, a skater might think the two are interchangeable and can be used for similar dryland exercises. However, through personal experience, I’ve come to see them as two different training tools used for different purposes.  

NZ Turn Cables should be used for dryland exercises that require either multiple steps or walking - similar to a turn band. In my training, I’ve used NZ Turn Cables to work on slow cross-overs, as well as quick cross-overs. The great thing about them is that they allow you to adjust resistance while you’re working on your balance. TechniCords, on the other hand, can be used not only for cross-over drills, but also as a focused training tool - both for repeating certain movements within skating strokes, and for strength training.

I’ve had a lot of experience with the TechniCords, and I believe the design of the cords is extremely important. If you were to try to add bands to NZ Turn Cables to give them more resistance, they would become awkward and bulky, making them difficult to use and hard to travel with. TechniCords, on the other hand, allow skaters to easily adjust resistance. TechnCords are also compact, easy to travel with, and easy to use.

Lastly, TechniCord bands last longer. I’ve had my TechniCords for 5 years, and they haven’t worn out and have never broken. In contrast, I’ve had an NZ Turn Cable break while I was using it, and I’ve also heard of similar things happening to other skaters. In my opinion, both training tools are great, but are different from each other, and shouldn’t be interchanged. If I had to choose one product over the other, I’d choose TechniCords.

Ian Quinn, 2013 US Junior World Team Member