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About Us

Technicords was founded by 2002 US Short Track Coach Sue Ellis. Using her expertise in technical skating development, Sue and a former coaching partner developed a resistance cord specifically engineered to provide proper resistance, improve speedskating technique, and to stand the test of continual use.

The first prototype was made from a bungee cord purchased at the local hardware store. But the resistance of the bungee cord was not consistent, and the cord wore out quickly. So Sue and her partner spent the next eight months searching the globe for the right components until they were able to develop a product specifically engineered not only to provide proper resistance, but to stand the test of continual use.

Technicords are now incorporated into all of Sue's skating camps and clinics, and both coaches and skaters are continually amazed at the results. From beginner to elite, athletes who have applied Technicords as part of their resistance training on a regular basis have been pleased with the results.

In December, 2013, Technicords was purchased by Mayflower Industries and manufacturing operations were moved to Taylorsville, Utah.